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: im 17 and im trying to get a restraining order on my friends mom just her mom and only for 2 years until my friend turns atleast 18 do I need a lawyer for it and if I do what questions will they be asking me in court? my friends mom is very immature she texted my dad out of no where at 3 am saying I need to stay away from her daughter or shes calling the authorities I don't know what her problem is with me but she was harassing me and my father with her texts I want to know what questions they would ask me and what good responses would be. And how high would my chances be that I could actually end up getting it on her? and I also live in California there has also been an incident that happened 2 days ago where she called the cops just to take her daughter for school registration she cussed at me calling me a fucking whore over the phone.

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: Since whatever she is doing seems to be over the phone, you need to have her number blocked. If she goes around that and keeps messaging you, then you might have grounds for a restraining order.

Since you are under 18, your parents will have to file for one on your behalf.
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: You can't do anything.

If you were attacked, and there was a police report, and the mother went to court,
you could request from the judge a restraining order, if you were in fear.

Other than that, nothing you can do.
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: You can have you parent get one for restraint against harassment but there are some things that can be used in you friend's mother's defense and could get the restraining order nullified is if you said any thing to the mother in an aggressive manner. Some others that may be catch 22's anymore is if you friend has a cell phone under her mother's name and you friend calls/texts you or if you or your friend call an her land line these maybe considered breaking the restraining order on your end because you can't try to contact the defendant by any means. You can however for sure send your friend letters that are not addressed to her mother or sent to her mothers permanent place of abode and her mother can't open the letters due to the restraining order and it is also a federal crime punishable by 3 years in prison for Obstruction of Correspondence (18 USC Section 1702) for opening or destroying a parcel not addressed to someone else. Something to consider is that the restraining order may actually keep your friend from seeing you if her mother forbids her from leaving her house it would be running away from home and would get your friend in legal trouble. Another thing is you shouldn't need a lawyer unless the mother tries to have the restraining order nullified due to you acting aggressively toward her before or after the restraining order and it is provable as in txt messages or she notified you that she is recording you and you were aggressive (if she didn't notify you or was antagonizing the situation it maybe invalid evidence).
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