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: Me and a friend were smoking a blunt in a parking lot when a cop came up on us. We were in my friends car, me being in the passenger seat and him in the drivers. The cop pulled us out of the car and searched it. He found four grams of weed bagged up under the drivers seat. He then searched me and found that i had $295 in my wallet. Neither of us owned up to the weed under the seat so we both got charged with possession and trafficking.

My friend is 20 and the cop basically told me he was screwed and his car was taken.

I am however 17 but my birthday is in September (this happened in june). The cop told me if i didnít pursue my money he would drop my trafficking charge and id only have possession as a minor.

We then were informed by my lawyer the court worker is who decides what i get charged for, and they might charge me as an adult.

What is the likely outcome for me?
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: It's usually the DA or Crown Prosecutor (depending on country) who decides what to accuse you of unless the judge has some special reason for adding extra charges.
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