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: I got a ticket for illegal left turn and I've never had a license contract with the state. The cop asked me for my I'd when he pulled me over and let me drive away with a ticket. When I went to court and plead not guilty because I don't need permission to travel as I've never had a contract relinquishing my rights to the state, the judge found me guilty there was no jury and I was fined 200 dollars.
I lost my id card and now the dmv is refusing to issue a new one until u pay my fine. Driving is a privilege so they can refuse to issue those licenses under their terms, but having an Id is not a privilege can I sue for them refusing to issue me one?

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: No.
You have no claim. If they refused after you paid, then you could hire a lawyer and sue them.
If you claim that you do not need a license because you've never had a contract relinquishing your rights to the state, then why do you feel you need a state issued id card?
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