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: i'm from toronto. last summer me and one of my buddy(x) planned to go to Montreal. my buddy decided to bring alone another guy(y) with him. i knew the guy(y), we went to high school together.
after we went there (y) said he doesnt have any money with him and if i could lend him any money. he promised to give it back as soon as we get back. he asked for 200$ and i gave it to him.
after we got back this guy went ghost on me. he wont contact me. i called him for several weeks for him to give me my money back but he will ignore me or tell me he will give it to me tomorrow, next week, next day and so on.
finally after almost 2 months or so he gave me a credit card saying i can go buy myself anything i want for 200$ as he doesnt have the cash to give it to me.
without thinking i decided to do so because i'm a university student and i really needed the money.
i went and got myself a prepaid credit from my old work place. recently i found out from one of the worker that still works there that the credit card i used was fake and they are running an investigation on me. i tried to contact (y) to tell him about the situation but he wont answer my calls or get in touch with me.
Now i just want to know what should i do in a situation like this. i didnt know it was a fake credit card i've never done anything like this before and now i'm just scared and dont know what should i do.
Can anyone please help and tell me what should i do in situation like this?
thanks for the answers guys but at this point i'm not really worried about the money. i'm worried about having a credit card fraud charge on my record. i'm a accounting student. having a criminal record like this is like saying bye to my career.
i really didnt know that card was fake, it was my being stupid and not thinking smart.

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: You should have known better than to loan more than 5 bucks to someone you didn't know well. First clue.

Then he hems and haws over the loan. Second clue.

Then you take a credit card from him. Third clue.

You're in college?

Here's a little lesson. NEVER loan money to anyone. NEVER use a credit card/bank card that does not belong to you.

I don't know what's going to happen to you but I suggest you get a lawyer. The "I din't no!" excuse won't wash. It's common knowledge that using a credit card not in your name is illegal.
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: lesson learned, your first flag should have been the fact he had no cash but gave you a credit card, credit cards have cash advances on them you should have told him to take the card an withdraw the 200 himself, that's what I would have done, secondly, I would have compared the name on the card with his, , theres not much you can do now,
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: (y) committed fraud when he borrowed $200 from you and didn't pay it back as agreed.
(y) committed fraud again by giving you a fake credit card instead of the $200 he owes you. It was not your fault that the credit card was fake. But, depending on circumstances, you might have to give the money back.
Now, it is possible that (y) will not tell the truth about any of this. But maybe he will, who knows.
I am thinking it is time to report (y) to the police. Also, explain to whoever is doing the investigation, tell them where you got the fake card and that you thought it was real..
You can be sure that (y) has done this kind of thing a lot of times. I hope you can get him to pay up. But if not, consider it as a cheap lesson about lending money.
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