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: I am suing my landlord for not itemizing my recipt denying my security deposit. She has violated multiple Texas property codes. There is no case to argue the codes were clearly violated. Is it still worth getting a lawyer?

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: it's a small claims case. a lawyer is only going to take part of your recovery ... i'd argue my own case, were I the one in your place.
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: You probably have to send your landlord a certified letter demanding an itemized receipt within 30 days of the notice being recieved. If you don't get your itemization after the 30 days, your landlord will be deemed negligent and you would have cause to sue.

You're not going to win just by going to court and saying he/she didn't itemize, you need to prove they were aware they didn't and still chose not to follow the law - thus the certified letter.
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: If by law, he has to itemize your receipt, request it in writing. You are not entitled to your security deposit until you move out and it would be returned less for any damages, carpet cleaning and any amount owed to him. If you have already moved out, you are not entitled to any type of receipt because you are no longer a tenant. You should have asked for it while you were a tenant.

Getting a lawyer depends on how much you are owed. A lawyer will cost you about $300 - $350 per hour and a court appearance includes his travel time, probably around $800, give or take some and, that is just for appearance at trial.
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: They weren't clearly violated? Then how can you sue by an assumption? Don't waste your time.
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