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: Im going to be paying child support. Its 28% out of my checks. I make 19.23 an hour. Thats $420 per check. On top of that i have to provide insurence for them which I already do. I also have to pay day care which is $386. I did numbers and thats about $1226 a month. That's a lot. I have my own persona bills to pay as well. So if im providing this much what the hell does she do, where is her end of the bargain as a parent? Does this makes sense at all? If im paying child support, does this means I can now claim both of my boys who are 5 & 7 next tax season 2014/2015? I think I need a lawyer, can someone recommend me one for the north suburbs. I live in Elgin Illinois. I have court day next month.

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: What she does is her business. You have to provide for you child.
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: the mom will probably just sit around and collect welfare and move some guy in
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: I know what she does......she pops vicodines and smokes weed all day in-between feeding them Mac and cheese. i've seen it before
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: Poor you, you need to pay to take care of your children....
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: You should have had a lawyer already. Find one! Sounds like you're well into the custody battle.
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: So she has primary custody and spends most of her time with the kids - this doesn't account for anything?

Maybe you should have thought about this before screwing around. Get yourself fixed, wear a condom.

Your kids are going to love the fact that you can only think of them in terms of money.
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: If you think that you can raise two children on $1226 per month, you are dreaming. So THAT is her part.

You should always have a lawyer when going to court, that is simple common sense. But I doubt seriously that he will be able to lower your payment, which sounds as if it is a set amount, if you already know the percentage. (some places use a set amount, some use a calculation based on the incomes of both parents). There is basically nothing that a judge can do, so the lawyer is not going to change that. The only thing typically up for negotiation is day care, which depends on her situation.

You do not get to laim the children, since they do not live with you, and the IRS requires that the person who lives with the children claims the deduction, except in rare circumstances. You can ask the judge for the right to claim them, but he will probably deny it.
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: 5 Shocking Ways Enemies Worked Together during periods of War

War takes dick. regarding the dicks, if truth be told. It cuts lives quickly, Tears whole family units apart, And it always seems to bring out the absolute worst in humanity. unfortunately, inside course of history, There have been some people who've stared war's moral corruption right in the face and then punched its teeth out with the clenched fists of mercy and human courage.

5. Charles Brown and Franz Stigler's airborne Bromance

Charles Brown was a B 17 pilot during World War II tasked with dropping a lot of money of munitions on Nazi territories, or maybe a, to phrase it differently, Not the most beloved man in Germany at the moment. So in december 1943, After a sudden attack that wounded half of his crew and left their plane next to defenseless over enemy terrain, It seemed like things couldn't get worse for the American airmen, Which of course they aside did,Good tremendous saddness, 2nd Lt. blonde.

As Brown attempted to maintain control of the aircraft, He took a quick glance out your window. To the mans dismay, He saw a german born Messerschmitt piloted by 2nd Lt. Franz Stigler, idateasia fake An ace fighter out on a long-term revenge spree to avenge his brother August, Who was killed at the start of the war by American pilots. resigned to his fate, Brown looked his would be executioner in the eyes as he. Gave Brown an amiable nod and escorted his aircraft to safety. about the fuck?

once Franz Stigler heard the B 17 engine sputtering over his airbase, He had every vengeful intention of putting a million lead suppositories into its butthole, Which would also round up his high score and earn him the German equal of the Medal of Honor. But when he maneuvered his plane for the kill shot, It became apparent that Brown and his crew were incapable of putting up any resistance. Their plane was full of holes, Their gunner was dead and the survivors were all huddled in the flying steel coffin looking after their wounds.

often, uncovered but unconfirmed: america airplane ghosts.

to successfully Stigler, To kill them can not only be unfair; additionally you can easily equal to murder, Which was inappropriate for the German pilot who lived by the warrior code of honor. thus, He began to fly in rectangle with the bomber, Tricking German anti air crews below into convinced that it was one of their own captured B 17s. He did this until they reached the north Sea, at which point Stigler gave the grateful Americans one last salute and returned back to base. Brown eventually landed safely in Allied terrain.

Forty some time later, The two pilots were astonishingly able to find each other and actually became the best of friends, Calling additional brothers and idateasia review even going on numerous fishing trips together. And all mainly because in 1943, Stigler recalled the movie tagline esque words of one of his commanding officers, Who understood, "You fight by rules to sustain your humanity,

4. Army during World War II and a former college football games star who, using 1942, Found himself on the losing side of the Battle of Bataan during the japanese invasion of the Philippines. After being taken hostage, He and the rest of the captured American soldiers were forced into the infamous Bataan Death March, Where on the list of to walk to POW camps while being beaten, deprived, And tortured by japan army.

They originally called it the "Batan decline March, merely one "this" Just didn't do it justice.

in the event that wasn't enough, this march, A japoneses soldier spotted Tonelli's Notre Dame class ring and demanded he hand it over. to begin with,firstly he refused, As the ring symbolized his good ol' days when he played football for the Fighting Irish and in 1937 even made an awe inspiring 70 yard run in the fourth quarter against USC to set his team up for the winning touchdown, Which he also obtained. But when one of his friends convinced him that his ring wasn't worth dying over, Tonelli grudgingly gave it up.

a minute or two later, around the, Tonelli was disappointed to see a Japanese officer walking toward him, Ring to hand. The unnamed Japanese officer stated Tonelli's identity and then, In a good choice English, Went on to explain to him that he had attended USC and was an avid fan of american football. really, He had actually been present at the very same game during which Tonelli made his inspirational run because, Dammit, This whole skills was so depressing, The least we could get out of it is a potential Hanks Spielberg movie script.

Both men also met their wives at the game, one of the most.

Since japan officer knew how much it meant to Tonelli and was so impressed by his feat of athleticism, He decided to give the ring back. He warned Tonelli to hide it though as it was unlikely he would be there straight away where someone tried to take it from him. Tonelli appreciated that and kept the ring well hidden in a soap dish, Only taking it out when he felt like leaving behind hope. Though he never saw japan officer again, The ring became Tonelli's main motivation to survive the next three years of hell, after he was finally rescued, Due in no small part to one dangerous, Star struck karate fan.

3. Russians and Germans Go Wolf Hunting During world war Iworld war I is the hipster of global conflicts, being a depressing window into the horrors of man's inhumanity to man decades before World War II and endless subsequent movies made it cool. and, realistically, You'd assume that if you threw in a frozen, Eastern European wasteland and packs of hungry superwolves in to the mix, You'd release a pretty decent first draft for a historical horror flick.

determined but unconfirmed: european snow plain ghosts.

yet nevertheless, When the Imperial Russian and German troops fighting in the Kovno Wilna Minsk region found themselves susceptible to starved out wolves during the winter of 1916 17, They instead turned the whole ordeal into an after school special about how neat o it is to put aside your differences and band together.

The wolves you are using were reportedly larger and stronger than any other such animal the Germans or Russians had ever seen and withstood all attempts at keeping them at bay, such grenades, toxic, or perhaps machine guns. regardless how many wolves the soldiers seemed to kill, A new pack of equally harsh beasts would take their spot and wreak havoc, Almost as if they were some werewolf cockroach a mix of both.

Russia had pretty much killed all the weak wolves, for celebration.

So when it got enough when both sides couldn't accomplish the objectives set idateasia sign in out by their commanders, The Russians and Germans were given permission to sign a truce when all fighting ceased. because killing each other, The two sides routed their inner Liam Neeson and went to kick some wolf ass together on a giant, German european wolf hunt.

Now that all their efforts were put toward eradicating this menace, The soldiers made progress by working arm in arm with guys they had just tried to kill not long ago. by the point they were done, hundreds of wolves had been killed, And the few that remained hightailed it out of there you wish their four legs would let them. Like all good stuff though, The truce eventually came to an end, Proving that commitment it will apparently take to bring humanity together is the threat of a common, unstoppable enemy. husband, Where is an actual alien invasion when you need one.
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