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: Back in October my Moped was stolen from me while I was at work. It is only 49 CC's so there was no insurance or registration on it. Back in march they found my moped during a traffic stop. (it was identified by the VIN number) The man who was caught on it was then arrested. On Tuesday I have the opportunity to go to the court house as a "victim". During the trail the man will plea for pretrial rehabilitation. If granted rehab, he will then be on probation for 2 years. After 2 years the charges will be dropped. But if I go to the court house and object and the jury sides with me then he can face jail time. What I want is to get reimbursed for my losses. I did get the moped back but there were many things wrong with it that I had to replace. (around 500 dollars). Also, I was attending college when it got stolen so without a vehicle I missed many classes which then put me on academic probation. so I want to also be reimbursed for my inconveniences. What I'm looking for is anywhere between 1500-3000 dollars. Is there anyway to make that possible?

Please note that I cant really afford a lawyer.

and how do I get reimbursed if I object and he goes to jail?

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: You can sue the thief but he probably doesn't have that much money.
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: You should as the prosecutor to include "full restitution" in the criminal complaint and any plea bargain or probation.
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