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: An uncle did not leave a will. My grandmother is the last living sibling but a lawyer said that my grandmother is due 1/3rd of what was left and two sets of cousins would each split the other 2/3rds.
The cousins all know that it was the uncles wish/ "will' that everything go to my grandmother.
The lawyer said we could try to request a quit claim from the cousins.
He also said that a personal letter be sent to the cousins first, so as to not freak them out with an official lawyer request.
What in the world could I write to these cousins to open that subject??

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: Good luck. Not likely they are going to willingly just give away property they are entitled to for no compensation.
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: Just tell the truth as you explained it here: that your uncle's unwritten desire (will) was for the grandmother to receive the full property, and the right thing to do would be to sign a quit claim. That may or may not effect both or even either of the cousins' decisions, as relatives can often become greedy when a family member passes. But you can try, and if it doesn't work, sick the attorney after them!
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: Thank you both. The family is mostly close and I know several who have already expressed their wishes to do the quit claim, so I think I have a headstart there; though there are 8 cousins. Most have land or live out of the area.
Thanks for suggesting that it "would be the right thing to do." The lawyer said it would best to get an informal letter from me first. Thinking of mentioning the taxes on the land, that they would have to create access to their sections (it's all overgrown, trees and stuff) and no water/sewer or power to any of it. What do ya'll think of that?

Hoping for the best, if not we'll probably move to trying to buy them out.
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