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: Is there anywhere online that I could submit documents for legal advice on copyright?
I am writing a book that features people's quotes and property, so want to make sure I am covered.
If not online, someone I could post letters to? Any rough ideas of cost? (ie per page etc)
Many many thanks!

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: First I too have written a book and am in the process of copyrighting it. Get on-line and read all about copy right and then you will know just what to do and You will print your book and send a manuscript of it to yourself for your protection then find a Lawyer as you wish and send to get the paper work from the copyright office in Washington DC and fill out all necessary forms (they will cost you Money. and Research to assure you did no goof and infringe upon anyone Else's rights should be done, to cover any unwanted law suit's
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: Go to the Library of Congress website and follow the link to the U.S. Copyright Office. They will have all the information and instructions on copyright.
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: The only real thing you can do is to find a copyright lawyer in your area since the likelihood of infringement differs from case to case. As for copyrighting your work itself, that's automatic from the moment it's finished, and there's no way to register it in your country.
@ Anyone who would give me thumbs down: Registration is only an option in the US, not the UK where this question is being asked from. Please pay attention.
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: There is no limit on how many times you can get legal aid as long as your own personal finances are still such as to fit the criteria for applying and being granted legal aid.
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