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: I live in Texas, my daughters biological father lives in Missouri. He did not sign her birth certificate and has never taken a paternity test. He has never paid court ordered child support because he hasn't done that and because of the state to state issues.
I got married last October and since my husband came into our lives nearly 3 years ago he's been a father figure for my daughter. Her father hasn't seen her or talked to her in over 2 years.
What I really need to know is since he did not sign her birth certificate (meaning he isn't on it) and hasn't taken a paternity test, do I need his permission to have my husband adopt her?
Any help or advice in this process would be helpful and appreciated.

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: You'd need a lawyer to do this anyway, so you might as well get one to tell you the specifics about paternal rights termination in Texas, my husband adopted my kids in New Jersey and there if the parental rights are terminated it can be done either with the permission of the parent, or if the parent is considered to have abandoned the child for a period of time, without his permission.
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: Wow, you sure know how to pick them, don't you?

Yes, you either need to have the man you chose to ride bareback with sign away his parental rights LEGALLY or you need them removed by a court before the CURRENT man you are with can adopt your child.

Otherwise, five years from now, when you think all is fun and roses, bio-dad can come back into your life and decide to be the father he should have been in the first place and take YOU to court.

Trust me, it has happened.
Buy an hour of a family law attorney's time. Get this done right.
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