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: The basement floods (Which we were never told about prior to moveing in) & due to the flooding thera was black mold. The landlord when we told her did nothing never sent anyone out to see it not even a follow up call about the Black mold problem. I have been sick & according to the CDC web site all my symptoms (Which has been documented by a Dr) are all Black mold related symptoms. Do I have the right to sew my former landlord for medical bills & for pain & suffering? Also I am thinking about calling the Health board in my city to inform them about the Major black mold in that house as well. What can I do legally? Also this was in Michigan, in the City of Jackson

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: Yes, if you can prove that your medical problems are from black mold that your landlord was aware of but did nothing to fix, you can sue him for the cost of your medical bills. I doubt you'd get anything for pain and suffering.

Also, in your lawsuit, be prepared to explain why you stayed in your house after you knew there was a black mold problem.
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: consult a lawyer
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: The first thing to do is find another place to live. By all means, contact the authorities to investigate the condition of the house. Talk to a lawyer about suing. (Sue is when you take someone to court. Sew is when you stitch cloth together.) My guess is that you will have a very difficult time proving that your illness was caused by the mold. People who look up illnesses on the internet always conclude that they have the symptoms of whatever illness they read about.
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: Jackson Michigan may have a housing code which the black mold violates. Check with city hall. Why DID you stay after you discovered black mold?
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