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: He lives in Michigan and I live in Maryland. He used to live here in Maryland. We were best friends and we often shared embarrassing pics of ourselves. The problem is we currently fought and he's threatening to release all weird pics of me like a pic of me showing my armpit , a pic of me just woke up in the morning, etc. Since he was my best friends he knew all of my big secrets and he's threatening to tell everyone on my facebook about my secrets and release weird pics of me. This is his plan. He will create a facebook account using one of weird pics of me as his main profile pic with the same name as mine and add my friends, then pretend he's me and insult everyone I am friends with on facebook and release big secrets about me. If he does that I will kill myself. Is it possible to sue him if he does that? If so, then how?

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: Threaten to do the same to him. He will probably not do it then. If he does, tell him it is against the law and that you will press charges.
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: Why don't you try and make up. That is just childish.
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: Contact the police.
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: First of all, don't even joke about killing yourself over something this insignificant and stupid. Second, since the pictures are not specifically sexual and don't contain nudity, they may not be illegal for him to post. Third, since they are pictures of you and you do not want them posted, you might try talking to an attorney about sending him a cease and desist letter with threat of lawsuit. Something from an actual lawyer may scare him into forgetting about it. Fourth, look into the terms of service on Facebook and see if his actions can get his account removed, get his IP banned, etc. if he should do this. Then if he does anything you can report him to FB administrators immediately. If his threats are being made over facebook you can report him to admins now so they know what's going on. Fifth, since it was a mutual exchange and if Facebook won't do anything about it,, you have embarrassing pics of him, too, which you can do the same with. Sixth, if he does post those pictures of you, just own them. Laugh at the pics and laugh at yourself; if you don't show any embarrassment you won't be giving him the reaction he wants. You will win and be in control of the situation. And last, if it hasn't already happened, end the friendship. No friend would blackmail you with embarrassing photos you trusted him to keep private.
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