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: The symptoms effect me in the following

Dailey - standing or sitting or walking for periods of 45 mins or longer

Getting dressed causes me pain but I only need assistance 2-3 days a week putting on shirts , sweaters Ect

I need assistance brushing my hair Dailey

I am limited to picking up my children aged 2 & 4 some days I can but most days I cannot pick up my 4 year old

My shoulder is about 3 inches lower on the right then it is on the left

My left side has a rib that is sticking out which only bothers me cosmetically due to being able to see it when wearing certain clothing

I cannot reach above my head I can only put arm about half up if straight to the side of my body or Infront

If I put my arm behind my back it feels as if the shoulder is going to dislocate from socket and I am unable to move it up at all

When walking I need to take breaks if walking for 2 or more city blocks because I experience pain that travels from my back to neck and down to elbow

Dailey I experience pain in back between shoulder and spine and am perscribed Percocet for pain and have been for 3 years , about 3-5 days a week I have the pain shooting down to my elbow even when relaxing

Limited to lifting anything that is over 10-15 lbs

I am able to cook but taking things out of oven such as roasters or large pans is difficult

I have been seeing a doctor for 3 years I have seen 4 different doctors all of which have told me there is nothing wrong an have done multiple X-rays on shoulder and ultra sound on shoulder when I have informed them the pain is in the back ! It was only last week I got a good doctor that did a back and neck X-ray in which she informed me that I have scoliosis and stiff neck muscles and am suffering from spasms aswell
Thank you so much for your time
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: I'm not a doctor, but I am troubled by the statement that you saw 4 different doctors. Unless you are terrible at picking doctors or there was some plot against you, it's going to be hard to show malpractice. Why would 4 different doctors all make the same mistake?

Please not, I'm not being critical of you. What I'm doing is making the point that a lawsuit against any of these doctors is not going to go well, when it's shown that 3 other doctors did the exact same thing.

However, you can certainly speak to a lawyer, although I caution against "ambulance chasers." There may be details here that a lawyer can get that aren't apparent from your description.

Good luck and sorry to hear about your pain and trouble.
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