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: My sister had a stillborn and she is rh- and it was recorded at the same hospital she delivered that she has had multiple miscarriages but they never put her on the high risk pregnancies.

The placenta detached itself and he died from hypoxia. Isn't it more likely to happen to rh- women?

I won't include the other circumstances but would this be enough to sue ?
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: Somebody who has had multiple pregnancies has a stillborn and you expect to sue? Don't be ridiculous. It is called life, and sometimes life sucks.
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: You would need to speak to an attorney. But it doesn't sound like the hospital was negligent in any sort of way. Just because something bad happens doesn't mean you have legal grounds to file a lawsuit.

Basically, she would have to PROVE that if she had been deemed a high risk pregnancy then the pregnancy would not have ended in a stillborn. This is going to be next to impossible to do, especially considering her condition and history. It simply doesn't seem like designating her as such would have changed the outcome...and you certainly won't be able to prove it would have changed the outcome.

If she wants she can go to a medical malpractice lawyer, but don't be surprised if he tells her the same thing after reviewing the case facts and evidence.
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: NO, the detached placenta just happens. There was nothing that they did that would have caused the detachment. It might have affected response to the detachment, but it usually is too late by then.

To win a malpractice case, you have to prove what they did or didn't do was outside the standard of care.

You can try calling malpractice lawyers, but I would be surprised if they took it.

I couldnt' find any documentation that rh neg women are at higher risk, only that they need the shot the same as if they deliver.

It's a sad thing, but it happens and there really isn't anything they could have done to prevent it.
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