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: I was a mailman, before being laid off and while delivering mail in the rain i sprained my ankle this was late 2010, i finished my walking route the biggest pain ever. filed for workers comp after going to doc. approved it, they took xray said its not a broken bone.

So i am on leave for a month because it kept on hurting and am forced to go back to work cuz my pay was ending. the pain and weakness never went away about a year later i sprain it again and this time i was threaten by station manager that i would be fired if i claimed it. so i didn't claim it took a few days or less off to rest it. went to local care facility told them it hurts they did a mri after i told them it wasn't bone problems. BUT THEY DID NOT ORDER INJECTED DYE TO SHOW MUSCLE DAMAGE. not 2 years later im laid off and have time to go to doc since it still hurts badly some days. HE DOES A MRI (with dye)AND IT SHOWS MY TENDON OR MUSCLE IS SHREDDED AND I NEED RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY. my school professor works at a local hospital and says i should sue. nee others opinions.
no mail man (wild's) plural. any more people think i should seek lawyer advise?
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: You have enough to take to a lawyer. Only a lawyer who specializes in these things can tell you if you have a case.
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: Don't you mean Mailwoman??
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: You might have a case for failure to diagnose or delayed diagnosis, but whether you could find an attorney willing to bring a claim would depend on the extent to which you suffered additional harm because of the delay. This would also depend on the the malpractice law in your state. In many states "tort reform" restrictions on bringing malpractice suits, such as statutes of limitation, caps on the amount that be awarded, expert witness requirements, etc., make it extremely difficult to bring malpractice cases even when there is obvious severe injury. Only an an attorney in your state could give you good advice.
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: You don't have a case. One, too much time has passed. You can't prove you didn't reinjure yourself or make an existing problem worse in the two years since you didn't get what you thought you should have from the local care facility. Two, you always have the right to get a second opinion if you don't like what caregivers are telling you. You didn't.

Maybe you can find a lawyer who will disagree with me and take your case. You have nothing to lose at this point.
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