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: Sorry its so long I tried to give more detail for a more thorough answer....

First I was rear ended. It was bad enough my car went off spinning in the parking lot.

She got a ticket. My 9 month old son was the only passenger. Ambulance and police came. The ambulance waited to take my blood pressure and things until after they told me I was fine and there was no need to escort us to the hospital.

They were very rude and not concerned at all. My blood pressure was very high. They said it was only because of my hysteria at the moment. Its still up today and not sure why.. I even told them I was dizzy and hit my head. They showed no concern and I had to call to get someone to drive my son and I to the hospital.

They told me they would have to take me if i asked and I did ask but they questioned whether I was sure and told me of the high bills and how I would be wasting there time, and they treated me like crap, like I was pretending to be in pain, so I just called a friend.

Once I got to the hospital they didn't offer a wheelchair nor did they put a neck brace on me. I thought they had to put a neck brace on me if i head and neck and back pain. Isnt this the law... Is this a case of malpractice??

They took a few x-rays and that's it. Oh and my blood pressure witch was still really high and the physical therapist said my high blood pressure isn't a good sign, he thinks its so high because of all the pain i am in.

All they did for my son was take off his clothes. They should have done more

They gave me valum at the hospital to shut me up because I kept crying in pain.

And a script for anti-inflammatory and that was pretty much it.

I went home that night and called them back complaining of pain.

I told them I couldnt sleep or eat or well or anything and i was dizzy, arms and legs weak, severe head aches, severe back aches and neck pain and sound or light even hurts my head.

Every time I called the hospital back (in severe agony) which was every day, until I saw a regular doctor on the third day of pain. Every time i called they told me it just gonna get worse before it gets better. They had no estimate as to when I should be feeling better.

Once I got to the doctor she was shocked and got me some strong pain killers and muscle relaxers.

Then I went to see a physical therapist like my doctor had asked me to do.

The physical therapist said he was concerned they didn't put a collar or cat scan or do further testing on me.

The physical therapist said I have a case of severe whiplash!! I also have likely sustained two back injuries in different locations but further testing is required.

He also said it would be a miracle if my son wasn't injured and I should do further testing and gain a another opinion.

My son's doctor is booked so I cant get him in until next week.

I cant work doctors orders.

Do you think i have a case of the hospital neglecting a patient or patients or not following procedure or anything?? Maybe malpractice? They also knew about the blood pressure issue. Why didn't anyone mention these things or show concern and look further into it especially when a patient calls crying every night because she cant sleep from the pain...

Should I get a lawyer? Allstate is paying for the other things that they are liable for. I'm just concerned hospital didnt do what they should have and nor did the ambulance. I might not have been in this much agony if they had helped in the beginning..
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: Go get a lawyer if you want, but as far as your neck you just have to take your anti-inflammatories, get some Vicodin (more pain relief) and not stress it.
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: Yes...
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: Yup rip those corporate fuckers off their throne LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
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: yes, you DO have a case. With what you told them at the site of the accident, the EMTs should have taken you and your son to the hospital. At the scene they are supposed to put a C-collar (neck brace) on all that are in the accident unless they are up and walking. All in all, you were not treated right and due to your sons age, he should have had a CT automatically due to how easy babies and young children get injured, a lot of the time the baby will not even cry and no signs will show until the abdomin swells due to internal bleeding. As for doctors, sue them too. Both the ambulance service and hospital.
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: what permanent damages do you or your son have?

What you need to do is get a lawyer and sue the other DRIVER as he is the CAUSE of your injuries. it will be easy to prove he caused the accident.
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: You may not believe this, but a rear-ender is not the sudden road to riches you seem to think it is.

You cannot prove malpractice, you can't even prove sub-standard care.

You can probably find an ambulance chaser to try and sue the ambulance company and hospital, but when you lose, you will have to pay their attorney fees.

"Whiplash" is soft tissue damage. Not permanent, just painful. It will go away.
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