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: I have been refused by many lawyers, and have a strong malpractice case/problem, and have information from some doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors that back up that my injuries were much worse than my doctors were diagnosing. Much worse. I have about 8 surgical issues (or more????) which were never diagnosed, and instead diagnosed as syndromes without any MRI's being done, in fact, refused me after doctors only would look at my lumbar spine as a possible problem, when in fact the problem was further down. I have basically been tortured and in tortured pain for 6 1/2 - 7 years with PT, attempts to return me back to work, and inadequate pain control. One doctor I wish to sue especially for neglect in addition to misdiagnosing had said at each appointment for a year and a half he would submit for approval injections for pain, and never did, but just kept writing in his notes that he was going to submit. I later found out that insurance companies are required to approve or reject requests in 30 days. In fact the injections would perhaps have been helpful in diagnosing whether they were diagnosing the right area or not. I have a torn muscle, tendons, cartilage in multiple areas of my body making standing, sitting and walking difficult, and remain bedridden much of each day.

Lawyers are asking me what the permanancy will be which can't be determined until after the surgeries, however, my current doctor is stalling everything. Many doctors had begun lying in their appointment notes, I believe after they figured out that I was misdiagnosed. They then refused MRI testing for injuries sustained in a car accident. I remain totally disabled unable to work and lucky I can take care of my daily basic needs to remain somewhat independent. The current doctor also failed to tell me I tore a muscle, and only told me there was a mass effect on my sciatic nerve in relation to this problem in my left hip. He planned to do the surgery with a spinal surgeon but he then refused to get any paperwork done at all, even notes from my first appointments 6 months prior, to include a request to worker's comp for approval of this surgery. He had wanted me to see the spinal specialist, and I decided to take my care to NYCity. He then refused to write to this doctor why he was refering me which this doctor required. Finally I was able to get in with a different more local spinal specialist, who said that the area below the spine is not within the specialty of a spinal specialist (to include periferal nerves) which is probably why my doc wouldn't give me this note, and delayed anything for then now 6 more months. He had performed the MRI's which showed all these injuries back in July and August, now March, and no surgery yet. The statute of limitations to sue the above doctor runs out in April and I think perhaps my current doc is delaying everything so that i cannot sue this doctor, and so permanency cannot be established before this time. In fact I have found all my doctors delaying things and refusing me testing and treatment because they are protecting against potential liabillity, I am quite sure, and I NEVER GET TREATED. My current doctor has not set himself up for a potential neglect case as well, however none of what any doctor has done is really gross negligence until the surgeries are done. There is potential for there to be more wrong as well that has not been diagnosed, and it is possible that even the radiologists and their reports are also a problem. I had gotten an MRI and CT and had someone calling over and over and over one day without leaving a message. I answered and she said I had to come back, the picture was blurry. When I got there they told me it wasn't blurry but they needed a picture further up. On the disc of the MRI's, one pic is blocked out. Now if it was blurry it would be blocked out, but then why did the technologist then tell me that they were doing a pic further up.... was there something on this CT that they did not want me to see? Did I break a bone? There is potential there for something, and I do know that doctors will lie for each other, but will radiologists. I am in so much pain every day, it is disgusting the terrible medical care I am getting. Is there anything I can do to get them to begin treating me and telling me exactly what is wrong so I can determine what the risks for surgery are before deciding to get it, as the surgery needs to be done around nerves, and if they don't tell me, I cannot assess whether the risks are worth it. I also feel that I deserve compensation for remaining injured for so long and missing out on my life as my health is declining in some ways as well with high blood pressure, etc, and for the severe pain and suffering I have endured, just because the doctors want to protect each other from litigation, in for this reason I believe they have purposely misdiagnosed me with syndromes rather than
The doctor I currently want to sue IS within the statute of limitations of 2 1/2 years. Sorry for the "massive amount of text", but if you read it you will know I am not sick but had commonly easy things to diagnose when MRI tests are done, which were refused. Can tests be refused like this to injured patients, just because the first doctor failed to do them, thus.... what, there is no injury, or there just isn't an injury anyone is willing to look into diagnosing, cause if they diagnose it later rather than at the beginning, then you can sue.
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: I didn't read the wall of text, but the answer is: it isn't hard to find a lawyer to sue for medical malpractice IF you have a solid case.
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: Waaaay too many words, dude, with no paragraph structure.

I'll give you the general story: if you can't find a lawyer to take a malpractice case, it probably means that you HAVE no valid case. That you feel that you have a case is obvious, but frankly, you are neither a doctor nor a lawyer. That you are sick and were not cured does NOT make it malpractice. Mistakes happen, not everything is easily diagnosed and treated. That does not make it a case of malpractice.
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: I didn't read the massive amount of text past 6.5-7 years ago. Bingo! That's it. You can't sue after 2 years. Yup, there is a statute of limitations, and you're time has past. Sorry.
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: It is not hard to locate the best lawyer for your malpractice case as long as you have a strong case. There are a lot of lawyer available in the market these days. You only need to choose someone who has specialization in medical malpractice cases.
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: Dont lost hope, there are several lawyers that can help you out, i came across this site why not you check this site.
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