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: My 87 year old grandmother just had her left hip replaced 3 weeks ago. She was home after 2 days, and has been having an amazing recovery. She had to go back to the hospital a few days ago because her arms and legs started swelling and was starting to bruise all over from head to toe. We found out that she had too much Cumadin (a blood thinner) in her system, and they tried to blame me at first since I handle her medicines. After I got home, i discovered that she was prescribed 10mg of Cumadin when she was only supposed to be taking 1mg. I am currently waiting to get a copy of her medical records, but because of their mistake my grandmother overdosed and her blood was so thin that she almost died. Can she sue for this? What kind of proof would we need? And honestly, we don't even care about the money, we just do not want it happening again to anyone else!
We received the prescription from the hospital pharmacy. Her doctor said she was supposed to be on such a low dose, that monitoring the Cumadin INR levels were not necessary. The visiting nurse was also aware.

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: Yes you can.
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: It depends on a number of factors. Was the Coumadin 10mg dose transcribed wrong at the hospital or was it handled wrong at the pharmacy? This will have to be investigated thoroughly before you take your case to a lawyer.

Also, did you take your grandmother in for the recommended PT INR lab work which is usually drawn quite frequently when the patient is initially put on Coumadin? The INR helps the physician determine the proper dosing of the Coumadin. The Coumadin dosing is increased or decreased based on the results of the INR.

When you feel you have a case, contact a malpractice attorney who can review your grandmother's case and advise you of your options.
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