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: After making several repair request over 3 months, my landlord left me with no other option but to legaly withhold my rent after doing so I received a notice to quit & demand for rent. I explain as soon as the repairs began, I would start paying him his rent.
I never complained of minor repair, I requested the dangerous exposed wiring that zapped me twice be fixed immediatly or allow me to hire someone and it be deducted from rent, change my locks because neighboring tenant obtained copies, and treat bedbug issues in other unit before it spread to mine.

He told code enforcment that he did not have the funds to do these repairs, this building is in a short sale due to him not paying taxes. He's forced to sell immediatly.

I made several attempts to contact my lawyer to resolve this matter with no response, I received a notice of default on the case & now a writ of possesions will be in effect in 2 days.

I have 3 young children is this legal? I have bank receipts showing the exact ammount of 2 months rent and late fees...
How is this possible if I never had a date to file a apperance in New Hampshire courts?
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: Did you go to court? Did you receive notice of the court date? Or did your landlord steal it?

Contact the court directly. Ask what happened. Was there a hearing before a judge? Who was present? Was notice sent to you? Was notice sent to your lawyer?

Tell the court what happened. Ask for a hearing before a judge. Tell the judge what happened; present all the evidence; and ask for the eviction order to be vacated.

After the danger of eviction is taken care of, focus on your lawyer. If your lawyer received notice, but did not show up in court, or showed up but did not present your case adequately, file a malpractice complaint.

The number of children does not matter. People have the same rights, and are or are not entitled to continue to live in their rental premises, whether they have many children or none. The only difference is the availability of family shelters.
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