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: In Los Angeles when a landlord gives 24 hour notice to enter the home, do they have to provide a reason? My tenant has dogs against the terms of the lease he is refusing to get rid of and I want to see if there are damages in the home. I've never entered in over a year and a half he's lived there.
How do I evict the tenant without hiring a lawyer I can't afford?
Great answers, thank you!

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: No. You have the right to inspect the property for maintenance and damages with 24 hour notice. If they refuse to let you enter after proper notice it is grounds for eviction.
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: To begin with, the fact you have not inspected the home for over a year and a half is a problem within itself, insert in your next lease, the notice that you the landlord will be entering the rental 4 times a year to change filters and check on the smoke detectors, stay away from general inspection because you are in CA

That said to your current issue: so you give 24 notice, show up and the dogs are loose in the home, what is your legal rights? I am sure you cannot harm the animals, probably cannot call animal control, plus under property law, the dogs are personal property so you really cannot take the dog either for a simple lease violation

In my humble opinion whatever damage by the dogs is done, and until you remove the dogs, the potential for future damage exist, I think you need to evict, and outside rent control the process should be straight forward, though you may want to hire a lawyer for this one esp. if you are not familiar with the eviction process, since this is for lease violation different then simple non payment
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: You can give 24 hours written notice to inspect or repair the apartment. You should be inspecting more frequently anyway.

Look up the local court website for instructions how to file an eviction. It's not too hard to find related info for California online. If you think this tenant is causing damages anyway, it makes financial sense to briefly consult with an attorney about the process, even if they don't hold your hand the whole way. And it's cheaper in the long run if the tenant really start throwing a fit about things too -- it's good to have an attorney who can ensure you at least don't do anything horrible at step one, and can then be available to quickly consult on the situation if you need them.
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: You don't need a reason...just need to behave reasonably...and if THEY don't, you can file for eviction. You only need to give them a 24 hour notice. If they fight you coming in, don't forget it's their home. You own it but they live there and are entitled to a certain amount of privacy. If they refuse you entry, give them a 3 day notice listing the things you think are broken, lease items violated, that you are the owner and entitled to access to your property with notice and expect compliance, that sort of thing. Give them a to do list culminating with your visit in 3 days to inspect. If they still don't cooperate, give them a 30 day notice. If they don't move or make the changes you demand, then file an eviction lawsuit in county court. Follow up your written notices with a very friendly phone call or visit to talk to them. Explain everything. Don't be accusatory or pushy. They might calm down and let you in or work with you once the shock and fear passes that THE LANDLADY wants to come in. Oh no! It's intimidating, and like you said, they are probably in violation of the rules, so they are afraid. Just talk to them and see if you can work it out. If not, do as I said about the legal notices. Never force your way in or try to use the police or lawyers to threaten them. Leave that to the courts.
You can file a fee waiver application for the fees. You don't need a lawyer. Go to the Nolo website (click get informed) ( or talk directly to your county clerk for more info.
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