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: Hi I am 21 years old & I live in Westminster California, the garden grove police department arrested me & I got booked into jail. & Couple hours later I got release on an OR & a release order by a judge have to appear in court on Nov 6th, I got charged with possession of methamphetamine 11377 hs; felony , possession of drug paraphernalia 11364 hs; felony & possession of switchblade 21510 pc; misdemeanor. So that's 2 felonies & misdemeanor. I was wondering would I have an option to do prop 36 & how long would I do prop 36 in stead of jail? & if I do , do jail time, what is the minimum jail time do i do? Or is there anyway I can get these charges dropped like By doing prop 36 or jail time? Also will I get probation? & do I need a lawyer or can I talk for myself. Please I need help or anyone that gone through this. ,also I was arrested when I was 16, in 2009 for shoplifting & was released to my father.

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