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: A person answered my question on here, about lawyers in the New York area, but is there any way to search for a 37 year old Robert Taylor who is a lawyer, He was my son's best friend thru school. I know his age, home town, what he looks like , year born , etc. any ideas ? thanks, we were good friends he and I when he was a younger guy, :) so he wouldn't mind hearing from me, his folks are dead

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: The ABA has a website.
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: Call or email the NY state ABA .
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: Contact the bar association in New York. If he's a professional, he'll also probably turn up in searches of phone directories and their equivalents. You also might try asking your son -- he could probably use the alumni association to get a message to him.

Otherwise, most people aren't going to appreciate you posting their information online like this.
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: If he is still a lawyer then the bar association should have information on what firm he practices at.
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: Goggle him, do a people search with his name and lots of sites should pop up, try Facebook,
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