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: I am deeply in love with my math teacher, I am obsessed with her and crave her immensely. She is such a beautiful and perfect lady and I know she likes me as a person and student.

She is about 26 or 27 and I am 16. I fantasize about her all the time, I go out of my way to walk past her room or see her, check out her Facebook page all the time to see her pictures, and I can't stand the thought of not being with her.

I was thinking of creating this plan to kiss her and get away with it, I will disguise myself with a ski mask and a change of clothing and then rush into her room after school, blindfold her, tie her hands and feet together, then kiss her on the lips and feel her body with my hands. I will have my sister and another close the door at the right time and close it at the right time and keep a watch out, and another person helping me inside to cover her mouth with a gloved hand if she tries to scream, if she tells anyone about this I will go and tell people that she came onto me and and they will likely believe me since I am the young one and still considered a child so what could she possibly do?

I am also even thinking of not even using a disguise and just going in as myself and talk to her normally first then grab her and start kissing her since she would be less surprised than if a masked person came in.I will wait until after school then start to chat with her then move in close and start kissing her.

If she tells anyone about it I will just say she did it to me and they will likely believe me since I am the one that is underage and she is the adult so most people would put all the responsibility on her and believe she must have led me on in some way, most people won't even consider the idea that she wasn't the one that instigated it

I plan to tell a couple people not in on the plan that I saw my teacher trying to do something inappropriate but I am sure it was nothing. Therefore if this gets out, they can give credence to my story.

I can't think of any evidence that would be left behind so I think the plan would work but If I do get caught would I be charged with rape or some lesser charge? Again, I will be in a disguise and she will be blindfolded so I can't see how they can tie it to me

also would she really want to tell anyone about this? It would be better for everyone to keep it quiet. She will have no EVIDENCE, or witnesses. So I find this hard to believe they will automatically go after me just on her word. If this was true, what is to stop any teacher from telling that a student did something inappropriate and getting them in trouble? Would she really want to spend money on lawyers and crap with her teacher salary? And also have to go through a whole investigation and her name being everywhere? She will have to deal with the whole investigation and publicity and having this all being gossiped about

not to mention police might even throw out such a ridiculous sounding case

people say she will get mad and try to make a big deal about this but I don't see why. She is getting kissed not murdered

I will also make sure there are no cameras or anything in the room in advance, and if there are I will call this off. Also, I will make sure there is nobody else around so there will be no witnesses. We will take a look at the area and plan everything in advance. I think this is a fool proof plan. I wish it didn't have to be this way but I am too obsessed with her to the point where it is affecting my life and can't stand the thought of not doing something with her, it is killing me, my heart pounds just thinking about her. I love her too much

but if for some reason they figure how it was me, would this be rape or some lesser charge? I doubt it would be anything big. Police might even laugh and throw out such a ludicrous sounding case. I don't see how anyone can see her, the adult and the one in power, as the victim

but if for some reason, I get charged with something would it be rape or some lesser charge
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: No, she probably report you and bring you to the principal where you eventually would get expelled.
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: Dudee..... Dont do it. You will wake up in prison and something nasty will happen in the prison shower.

Dating your teacher is always a bad idea. Wait few years and ask her out.
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: No, but it could be sexual battery.
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: I think you will wind up in a psychiatric facility if you do this. I hope you are kidding, If you aren't then you need help.
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: kissing would be an assault
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: Planning such a "plan" is bound to fail so I highly don't recommend it. In addition by putting the blame on her you are putting her at risk of being fired and possibly stay unemployed for the rest of her life and she is still young. In addition there will be lots of court meetings and you'll have to constantly put up with it. To be honest whatever you do will get you in a lot of trouble so if you are really desperate the best option would be to talk to her without kissing her unless she gives you permission.
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: I have seen this EXACT same troll question posted before.

I can't believe so many people actually fell for this and gave a serious answer.
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: i think you shouldnt disguise yourself or set up a plan to kiss her against her will. instead, just go up to her after school to ask about homework and try to seduce her. are you attractive? does she know that you have an eye on her? something like this happened at my school; a student and teacher started kissing, after a while they started having sex at eachothers houses. they got found out and the teacher was fired and the student expelled. just try and arouse her for a while (be patient) and maybe you can get it on
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: You're brilliant dude! A criminal genius! Putting your stalking plans on a public forum for all to see!

Keep one eye on the darwin awards, k?
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