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: This is the story: The nephew hired his uncle (real estate broker) to sell his house and business. In the meanwhile, the nephew's aunt demanded that the nephew gets her name off of the nephew's leased car (harrassing him everyday) without it affecting her credit. While the nephew looked for another co-signer (and he did find one and planned to go to a dealership the following day), the aunt & uncle had the car towed to the aunt's property (the nephew just discovered the car was gone while he was on his way to work and after it was reported to the police, a detective who did an investigation found it at the aunt's house). Little did the aunt & uncle realize that what they did was illegal and considered theft because the car was not registered under the aunt's name. The uncle and aunt had to pay huge fines and storage fees to a police department. Now the nephew was free from the problem with the car. The uncle was really upset and projected his anger onto the nephew and put a lien on his business and prevented a buyer from making an offer (which was going to be today) as well as intervening in the nephew's house sale. Is it legal for a real estate broker to do such things?

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: what was the lien for? did the nephew owe the uncle money?
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: No. They are continuing to do illegal activity.
A real estate broker not acting in the best interests of his client can probably be sued for professional misconduct and should be reported to the state licensing agency.
A lien on a property requires a debt being due and unpaid, typically is a mechanics lien.
He probably needs a lawyer, and can petition the courts to remove the lien and sue the uncle for filing a false lien including the attorney's fee and possibly damages about preventing the sale.
Stupid uncle.
I am not a lawyer, and the nephew needs one.
The uncle can lose his license to practice as a real estate agent, and also have to pay huge damages.

Adding: If the nephew owes them money, that is another story. it muddies the water and now consider procedural issues.
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