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: My partner and I are unmarried. We have a child and a house. We live in WA state. Lawyers around here run $2000 and I just don't have the money for that but if something should happen right now, we'd both be screwed. My "estate" would go to WA state. If we both died in an accident, my child would at least go into temporary foster care. I cannot stand the thought of that.

Would prefer not to have to eat Ramen noodles for months in order to afford these important legal documents so I'd love another option. I'm willing to do whatever legwork required.
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: Try:
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: You can actually lookup will samples online. An attorney will do a simple word document on a created template, insert your information and charge you a ton for less than 30 min of work. Check MS Office templates and samples online, print them, and then write your own based on the examples. You can look up software programs, but you can do a will for free. All you'll need is to have it notarized when you're done.
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