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: I had a great job and i was never late paying a bill. I was loving and responsible to my family. I smoked marijuana casually like anyone might have a beer after work. nothing serious and no other drugs. then sarpy county stepped in. I got pulled over for speeding and though I was in perfectly sober before I knew it my car was being searched and I was railroaded into confessing to things I hadn't done. the main issue was driving under the influence. I wasn't but because my mother and I shared a vehicle and she left her prescription stomach medicine (raglan) in the glove box I had two options. A.) give them something small to focus on or B.) let them charge me with a felony and got to jail for a couple years. I chose the first one because they told me it was just a ticket for marijuana. I lied and said I had been smoking about an hour and a half to two hours prior so that took the focus off the pills. in the patrol car, handcuffed and crying, I pleaded with the arresting officer not to charge me with the pills because I honestly didnt put them there. when we got to the station he said that he didnt want to charge me with them, but the other officers told him he couldn't take it off the ticket. I was screwed. now I work at taco john's. I lost my gaming liscence and my good job because off the posession charge. NOT for the marijuana but for the pills. It was the only deal they gave me: lose the speeding and the marijuana if i took the bogus dui and a misdemeanor version of the pill charge. I was raped by the system. a system that is supposed to help did the opposite. It forced me into a crappy job because every emloyer looks at "controlled substance" like it was heroin or meth (which I am SO against) and now I can't even drive unless an isurance agency will issue an sr-22. (my insurance company said they just wanted to insure me normally even after they had the info but nebraska wont allow them too). in addition I paid upwards of $2000 in fines and costs-I have to pay a relapse prevention counselor who has already told me I not an addict and I dont need relapse prevention and I have to continuously go to NA meetings which really hold no relevance to my life. I have two years of probation, I did 48 hours in jail and 100 hours of community service.
i want to fight this, i feel so helpless. it's not the marijuana i miss, it's being able to wake up and not have to call a ridiculous "color code" drug test hotline. it's having my days off not interuppted by drug counseling of some sort (im seriously sick of hearing the word drugs). it's being able to just enjoy my life and have a decent job. I am a hard worker and a good person. HELP ME!
maybe i should clarify for the finger pointers...
I HAD an attorney.
I lied because they were trying to say I was getting high off of the pills.
I was NOT driving under the influence and marijuana doesnt simply leave your pee in a day. I could have smoked a month ago and it could still test positive.
My mother's name was ON the bottle...the car is in HER name and she TOLD them she left them there.
I wasnt smoking in or around the car-he said he could "smell the bag" which is a lie.
I am NOT trusting strangers and your advice thus far hasnt been helpful. Im looking for connections to peole who I CAN pay to fight this.
Leave your little sacrimonious comments to yourselves. you don't know me and your "power trips" are not appreciated. imagine if you were in a similar situation where you looked like a crackhead felon and it wasnt your fault. imagine being surrounded by cops after 8 hours in a hot kitchen, tired-scared-alone and being questioned and made to freeze on the roadside.
BTW-thank you leverett-sorry if i misspelled your SN-this is the kind of answer im looking for.
BTW-thank you leverett-sorry if i misspelled your SN-this is the kind of answer im looking for.

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: well you should have told the truth... they could have proved the truth in court.
you lied.
your fault.
AND you should not smoke pot anyways even if its "not bad" its still illegal.
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: Jeezus dude, GET YOURSELF A FRIGGIN ATTORNEY. You want to fight a "broken legal system" by yourself with advice from total strangers over the internet?? That would be unwise decision #2. #1 was when you lied to the police and let them railroad you. Bite the bullet, get an attorney, pay a little now to get yourself back to where you were before all this fell on your head.
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: I don't understand... is there something illegal about prescription raglan in the glove box?

Or, maybe the prescription was in another person's, other than your mother's, name?

Something isn't adding up here.

Police are not stupid, and neither are we.

Let it be a lesson to you. If you have to smoke weed, do it at home and stay home. Never, ever, smoke it in your car. You may think there is no odor, or that the car air freshener covers the smell. It doesn't. Also, never ever take drugs that are not prescribed to you.

Finally, just walk the narrow line. That is... do do booze or drugs, and stay away from s1uts. Things will change for the better.
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: You admit to driving under the influence which you readily admit and you want to blame the JUSTICE SYSTEM!!!

Do you know how many hundreds of thousands or even millions of innocent people have been KILLED as a result of what you did and are now whining about???
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: Your mother's medication did not have her label on the bottle , along with the pharmacist's ID and the doctor's name? Did you get the law to get a blood test done to determine whether you had any of this in your bloodstream? With that in place, I would think that the end result would be much less than what you describe. If your bust ended up being because you had been smoking reefer, you will hang, regardless of how you view it , the law views it differently. Guess who wins when you go toe to toe with them? Once you get clear of this mess, stay away, rebuild your life , the next go-round with the law will not be any easier.
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: You got nailed for having prescription heartburn medication in your car? I'm not questioning your veracity, but that just sounds silly. Reglan isn't even a controlled substance. (See the first link below) Your case is exactly why we have the fifth amendment. Had you exercised your right to remain silent, you would almost certainly be much better off today. I hope other readers will learn from your painful experience.

Yes you should get a lawyer, but it may be too late. If it's not too late, it will most certainly be expensive.

Check out the video linked below. It won't help your current situation, but it's highly informative and entertaining.

The cops didn't screw you, as much as it may seem that they did. They were just doing their job. You were screwed by your attorney who apparently didn't bother to lookup Reglan on the DEA website. You were also screwed by the DA who should also have know that Reglan isn't a controlled substance. Contact the ACLU. If they can't help you, nobody can.
ACLU Nebraska
941 O Street, Suite 706
Lincoln, NE 68508

Phone: 402-476-8091

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: The justice system is not "broken". The only thing you are a "victim" of is yourself!!!

You have marijuana in your system and that's YOUR FAULT!!

If you were actually under the influence it's YOUR FAULT!!

If you lied said you were under the influence when you weren't, it's YOUR FAULT!!!

This whole thing stems from YOUR use of marijuana...whining and trying to blame others isn't going to get you anywhere!!!
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