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: I am a private citizen living in California, and a bonafide disabled person (yes, awarded SSD by a SS judge). Early this morning, my (landline) phone rang, and it was a fax machine. I hung up. This repeated apx. 5 times, each time I hung up. After a cup of coffee, some time later, I went to use the phone, and I could tell it was an open line. I hollered to get someone's attention, hit the plunger, but nothing happened. I looked at the number on caller ID, and it was an out of state area code, not even an adjacent state, not that that is material to the issue. Not a number I knew. I used the reverse phone lookup on the internet (fortunately, I have satellite internet, or I'd been screwed) and found the company. I'm trying to make this short here, but my efforts went on for a few more hours, to get someone's attention (it turned out to be a company in Texas, go figure). I finally sent an email to the purchasing department, and a while later, got an answer. The person responded (verbatim) with "...It seems it is our new data location has somehow attached the fax number to your phone line. There is someone trying to get hold of the person who can go in to where the fax lines are and disengage your number. We have confirmed that your line is being tied up. Please rest assured we are working on it. We apologize for the huge inconvenience this is causing you."

First I'd love to know how that is possible - California to Texas, WTF? Aside from that, I am disabled, and live in a canyon, which means I get crappy cell reception - hence the LAND LINE. Now I have no home phone, no promise of when it will be fixed, but that they are working on it. AND, I feel violated. I feel they have violated my rights.

I sent the person a response tonight, because tomorrow is Friday, and because Texas is a couple of hours ahead of California, and because I don't want, and CAN'T spend the weekend without a phone. For me to call someone, I have to go eight miles up the road, and I am in a LOT of pain, and on a LOT of pain meds. I advised the company of these facts, and the fact that I wanted it fixed immediately - period.

Now what do I do, aside from cross my fingers? And do I have a case for an ADA lawyer? Thanks for any assistance.
This is a large (33,000 employees - I call that large) international corporation. the fax is in Texas - my phone is in California. I do not know anyone there, and have never done business with them. I have had this phone number for a year.

I do not have the use of my phone - 24 hrs as of tomorrow at 6:45am my time.

I take a lot of pain meds and am in constant pain. I have no caregiver, and am self-reliant. If there were an emergency, I can't call anyone. I have to drive eight miles to reach an area where I can get cell reception.

Are there any other agencies that can help me? Including 60 Minutes *LOL*

Is there any point in calling the local phone company? This is from Texas to California - interstate. I tried my service (AT&T) this morning, but could get no one aside from a computer, and they didn't ask the question I needed to answer. So I hung up. But they would have a record of my call, at least.
Okay, it's 7:46, now it's been 24 hours. I sent a scorcher of an email, so they would get it this morning (TX is 2 hrs later than CA), no response and NO phone.
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: They or their automated system had no idea you are disabled nor did they do this because of it. They have told you they are going to fix it. Nothing to be done until they do leave you without a phone for an extended time. Then you might have a case but not now.
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: do not cause then anything for now unless they have found something to be the reason to sue you..for now you just have to find aalinace to support what you have done..
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