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: here is my dilemma. I go my car at the end of August and have only made ONE PAYMENT it and 2wks ago I got hit by a drunk driver while driving down the highway. My car is a 2007 Ford Fusion and he was driving a 2006 Jeep Wrangler with big after market tires and suspension.
He hit the rear drivers side, drove down the side of my car then literally drove over the hood. The damages and repairs ended up being in the $8,000.00s. No one got hurt.
My ISSUE IS.. That after he hit me, my insurance company has not been able to get a hold of him. He is like a ghost. My agent got a hold of a relative and they will not say who his insurance is through and said he has a lawyer. The insurance company that he said he has (American Family), has not been able to find a policy with the Jeep on it. The plates on the Jeep were registered to a Corvette and apparently he was calling the tow yard to try to come pick up his vehicle himself instead of going through "his insurance". And the people at the tow place also said that they think he may be part owner of a 4 Wheel Drive Shop. (where they put custom suspension, rims and wheels on cars/trucks/jeeps) So he should've been smarter about the whole insurance thing I would think.
So here is my problem. Because of this guy being SUCH A JERK, not only will my insurance go UP, but I am stuck putting it through on my insurance and I have to pay my deductable of $500.00. One, I do NOT have this money and now I will be behind on bills that I could've afforded if I didn't have to shell out this money because of him driving drunk!! and two, I shouldn't have to pay ONE PENNY!!!
My insurance company (Progressive) says they will sue him for the costs but I may not get my $500.00 back. If this is the case then
I want to know what I can sue him for because I am less than satisfied with this entire situation. He hits me and I'M screwed!
I'm wanting to sue for my Deductable, Depreciation of Value (since it will not be able to sell for what it could've before the accident AND it will forever be labeled as a collision car on any VIN lookup which depreciates the value), Court Fees and Lawyer Fees. Is there anything I am missing? Or something else I can do?
If this guy would have acknowledged me then we could have settled this outside of court but he is not giving me that kind of decency or respect.
Please help and thank you.
I'm not asking for your input on life and until you are ME in MY SITUATION, then don't tell me what is important and not important. But thanks for your answer "toots", you're a real sweety.

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: Sorry, Toots. Life does not come with a satisfaction guarantee. Get used to it. This is small potatoes.
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: Don't you have a police force where you live?
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: Well you could get an attorney and take him to court or you could just take him to small claims without an attorney. Man I don't know how I would handle this. That guy gets behind the wheel after drinking and has the nerve to do that to you. He hasn't learned his lesson. Some time behind bars might help him.
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: I would go for this. He'll get hella in trouble for all this a girl I used to work with had a problem like this. The insurance company will sue him, he'll be charged with a lot more. Hopefully he never gets to drive a car again. I wish you luck! This sounds like it'll be a very hard and long process. Fight for whats right. The other two people who answered are lame. Good smart ass answers JERKS.
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: Welcome to the Wonderful World of No-Fault Insurance!

Best thing for you to do is talk to a lawyer. It doesn't sound like your insurance company is going to be much help to you.
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