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: anything I can lookup online
a way for me to find out through our convorsation
or a provision to put in the attorney- client engagement

I'm in Texas

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: It only seems like it
It's important to you, to him its just work, and not personal
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: It is unlikely he is working for them. That would be a MAJOR conflict of interest, and he could lose his license for that. The Board of Bar Overseers (or your state equivalent) takes that sort of thing very seriously.

Does he have a relationship with them? That's trickier. What do you mean by a relationship?
In a small town, all the lawyers likely know each other. I had a colleague who went to the wedding of a lawyer a few days after duking it out with them in court. That's the lawyers, not necessarily the defendant.
In a really small town, the lawyer may know the defendant.
Also, a BIG firm will likely have at some point done work for all of the big banks and large corporations in the area.

What can you do?
1.) You could ask him. Seriously, that would probably work.

2.) What sort of case is it? You could get a small "boutique" firm that doesn't handle other kinds of cases. A plaintiff's personal injury firm is unlikely to have ever done work for the insurance company or landlord.

3.) You can look up the defendant in the local courts, and see what attorney represented them the last time they were sued. This would only reveal cases that went to trial.

4.) You could include in the attorney-client agreement a provision that he will disclose any prior attorney-client or business relationships with the defendant.
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: Go to the site below, type your lawyer's name in the search area, click Submit, then when/if his profile comes up, click View Entire Profile. Scroll down to the Public Sanctions section and see if he has a record of any disciplinary action during the past 10 years. Texas is one of the most corrupt states for attorneys, and among the easiest to post whatever you want on your online record, but disciplinary actions can't be hidden. That's a good start. But if you don't trust your lawyer, get another one. If he's corrupt, getting promises in writing will do no good.
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