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: I have a question if the consulate take my pictures?
I had an interview with the U.S. embassy another country to bring my husband there. my husband did not get the visa and they said they will send it back here to the U.S. anyways they took 2 of my Personal pictures I sent to my husband ( they are private photos of me wearing a bra and my underwear in my bedroom) you can see me breast and everything no telling where those pictures could end up in that country . he forgot to take them out of his album .I felt so embarrass , and I felt violated as well. They said that those pictures are false evidence. But I feel like this is not right...should I report this to a higher power? should I get a lawyer? Should I sue them? I felt like that invade my private life between me and my husband...anyone can give me advice?
okay maybe I cam not sue, but it is not right for them to take my picture of me in my underwear... there were many more pictures of me and my husband why they did not take that?

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: this makes no sense but I assume it was some sleazy low life third world place so what did you expect.
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: Who would you sue? Seriously. You have no case here. It is because of your HUSBAND that your photos are in an embassy somewhere. You have no suit because you really can't figure out who to sue. Furthermore, there has to be damages. What are the damages? You took the photos (granted for your husband) but you did it out of your own free will knowing that if he were to lose a photo the same would occur.
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: You need to provide a bit more information, such as the country you're husband is located in, the Consular Officer you were dealing with, etc., but there is hope. If you're in America you can contact the State Department directly about your VISA issues at this number, 202-663-1225. Or you can lookup the number of the embassy you were dealing with and try going through their obmudsmen's process. If they won't help you go up the chain of command to the regional bureau desk that deals with public affairs issues for that region, they're usually more sensitive to potential public relations disasters which this would be if word got out to a US newspaper that US State Department personnel were holding private pictures of you for what are ostensibly Bullsh!t reasons, well, that wouldn't look good in print.

Good Luck, the State Department is a tough nut to crack but it can be done.
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