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: My dog was attacked in the park by another dog nearly two weeks ago. His ear was so mangled, he requires extensive veterinary attention. The bill surpassed $600 within the four days following the incident. The other dog's owner admitted fault and said she would cover all veterinary expenses (have it in writing in the form of a text message).

Long story short, the woman is now blowing me off. I only have her first name and phone number. Does anyone know if there is a way to trace her given this limited information (ie a reliable reverse phone number lookup online)? And do I have grounds to take her to small claims court for this matter?

Because the party at fault refuses to pay for moral reasons, can I make her pay for legal reasons? My dog was lucky to not be killed (as his spray collar kept the other dog from latching onto his neck), but this woman needs to take responsibility for her dog before it does kill another creature.
Thanks for the input, Daniel. Do you know of any reliable online sites that can look up her information given her phone number? That and her first name is all I have at my disposal.

I really wanted for the bill to just be settled so the matter could be done with. While I am not jumping to file a police report, I am very disappointed (could go so far as to say disgusted) by her flippant "oh I haven't gotten around to sending a check yet" attitude. If she has this kind of temperament, then it's more likely than not that this sort of thing will happen again.
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: The woman is legally responsible for any injury or damage her dog caused while under her control. This means that you can indeed sue her for the vet's bills incurred by the injuries her dog caused. I suggest you speak to a lawyer for advice on how to bring the claim.

If you really wanted to make her pay, you may be able to file a police report, as what she did does amount to a criminal offence in many jurisdictions. You'll have to check the specifics for your country/state with your local police dept., but where I live (the UK) this is called "allowing a dog to be dangerously out of control in a public place", contrary to section 3 of the Dangerous Dogs act 1991, and is punishable by a fine.

I wouldn't file a police report myself if it were me, as this seems a bit disproportionate. She'll at best be fined if found guilty and the court may even order that her dog be destroyed. I don't think that would be a fair outcome. I'm just telling you that the option to bring criminal charges may exist in case it becomes necessary to do this. You should certainly sue her if she won't pay, though.

No, sorry, I don't know how you'd obtain her second name yourself. In my country, there aren't any reverse telephone directories available to the public, but they may exist for you. Have a look. Otherwise, you may be able to get the police or courts to help you track her down. If you file a police report, they'll be able to find her, but I think we're agreed that that's probably an unnecessary course of action. If you do decide to sue her, the court will probably obtain her address from the phone directories in order to issue a summons.
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: Yea she is responsible for her dog's actions
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