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: How easy is it to get joint custody in NC where the child is with one parent one week and the other parent the other week?

My sister is 16 years old and has a 20 month old son with her ex-boyfriend who is 19 years old. Currently her son lives with her and her grandparents (who have full custody of her). Her baby's father lives with his parents. The father pays child support, $70 a week, and currently sees his son on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5pm-9pm and gets him at noon on Saturdays and brings him back Sunday at 1pm. Currently, the baby's father's parents aren't happy with this arrangement and have told the baby's mother that they want joint custody where they get every other week with him. My sister doesn't want this because it isn't a stable home for her son.

My nephew is already scared of his father and will cry and scream if his father even tries to touch him. The baby's father is behind on child support by about 4 months and has even admitted to Jamie (my sister) that he doesn't care about his son. The baby's father has had a ticket for reckless driving in the past and he has been arrested for a hit and run before. My sister and her ex can't get along at all and he has done numerous things which have resulted in the police being called non him. He set her out on the side of the road pregnant before, he has had the police called out twice due to domestic disturbances, and has been harassing her through telephone calls and text messages simply because she has a new boyfriend.

She is going to the courthouse tomorrow to talk to the DA and get a lawyer but what can be expected in a situation like this?
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