LawyersKey - Lawyers Key » LawyersKey » Lawyer Fees » i had a consultation with lawyer he neber showed up at court then billed me a retainers fee do i have to pay?

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: He did not show up in court because you DID NOT retain him. Until you have paid the retainer, you have NOT retained him to represent you. He billed you as a reminder, in case you are still wanting him to represent you. No, you do not have to pay if you do not want representation. If that is the case, a courtesy call would be in order. However, you do have to pay for the consultation, if it was not free.
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: Retainer fees usually come before an attorney shows up in court with you. A consultation is separate from actually retaining an attorney. I'm willing to bet the attorney didn't agree to show up in court until a retainer fee was paid. And you only have to pay whatever you agreed to pay before for a service. For example, if you didn't pay for the consultation but was supposed to, the attorney can bill you for that.
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