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: I live in canada and I went to the Brampton g1 test centre, and my permanent resident card is expired and I applied for a passport. They said that without those documents I can't do the test because I need a signature or whatever idk. But she said I could apply for a card, a special card from the government that would allow me to write the test?
Can anyone tell me that card? I forgot to ask her the name of it :/

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: Why are you worried about a driver's license if you have an expired permanent residency card?

If you fail to renew your permanent residency card, you will lose your permanent residency status and be deported from Canada. You should be talking with your parents, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, or an immigration lawyer about not being deported from Canada... not worrying about driving.

You can't apply for a Canadian passport unless you are a Canadian citizen. The only exception is if you are a refugee with permanent residency in Canada and your government refuses to issue you a passport. Since your permanent residency has expired... you are no longer a permanent resident. In any case you can't get a passport from an expired permanent residency card.
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