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: I am an Australian Citizen. In June 2012 I was on a business trip in California and was arrested for accidentally driving on the wrong side of the road. This was a force of habit as in Australia we drive on the left. Unfortunately there was a police car behind me who saw the whole thing. I hired a lawyer who went to court on my behalf, and was charged with 'Reckless Driving Involving Alcohol ("Wet Reckless"), as I also had 2 beers and was 0.07.

Anyway the court ordered me to pay $350 and attend 12 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. My lawyer was useless and never explained to me how to pay the fine from Australia, nor how to prove I attended AA in Australia so nothing ever happened. I was meant to pay the fine and show proof of AA meetings by April 13, 2013.

Now I have to go back to California for a business trip this weekend and I'm worried what will happen to me at immigration. If I haven't paid the fine and haven't shown proof of AA this will be considered not complying to the courts decision.

Will I have any problems at immigration, and can I just pay the fine when I'm there and get it all sorted? OR will this now become more serious because I never paid? I'm worried I'll arrive in San Francisco and be taken in to custody as a worst case scenario?
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