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: To protect the rights of the innocent.

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: money
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: You do understand, I hope, that not everyone arrested is a criminal.
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: It's their job to represent those with legal problems, including those who commit crimes. Not all lawyers practice criminal law, but those that do find it to be a challenge to "beat the system".
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: to make sure theres a fair trial. Otherwise the police or any other "witness" could falsely accuse someone. false accusations happen very quickly once fair trials are abolished like in Nazi Germany or soviet Russia
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: Because otherwise, the state can imprison anyone it wants for any reason.

If you think that's not such a bad idea, go ask Kim Jong Un's uncle.
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: Thus says The Lord: False deities abound, while science and corrupt religion rule over them; mere theories become truth and doctrine, and lawlessness is widely accepted! And behold, the love of money has become their new taskmaster, and materialism their god!
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: Everyone has the right to due process of law. Criminal defense lawyers make sure their clients' rights are protected.

Basically, a criminal lawyer's job is to make the State "prove it" when his or her client has been charged with a crime.
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: Everyone is entitled to representation. It's only at the end of a trial that the verdict is and the accused is found guilty or not. Until then they are presumed not guilty. These are pretty fundamental principles of almost all Western justice systems.
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: It's all about the money.
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