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: I am not 18+ , i am soon 15, dont underrate me , my age is just a irrelevant subject, i am more educated than you think, i am soon to be in geometry my freshmen yr , in the top 14 hs of Illinois, and a honor roll student, So my father had a , what you may call a small restaurant. Mostly like a diner. We lived across the street, it was named after me since i was the new expected child of 3 . Hardly i guess around the yr 2000 . My father wasnt making top profit woth the place, well not enough. Small profit not enough to desperately continue business, My fathers cousin (Enrique) had a GIRLFRIEND, soon they planned to spend life in marriage with eachother so my father put trust on her (his cousin enriques , girlfriend) she decided "ill buy the restaurant from you. My father gratefully agreed and thought of the money he'd get , she offered $20,000 about i am not really 100% sure about the offer amount i havent asked him, but it was from 20,000-30,000 , he signed the contract , she gave him a check , later he finds that the check is fake and the lady LEFT ENRIQUE AND NO LONGER WANTED TO SEE ENRIQUE (my dads cousin ) im guessing cuz she gave my dad false check and wanted to leave before any action happened . My dad tells Enrique " the stuff is fake ................" Them he brales the mews the his girlfriend is gone and she left for no reason ect.... My bad has hired spies ect... To find where she lives any type of info... No luck, only knows basic info age,
bday , both names , physical appearance ect.... , he did get a copy of the contract but he gave it to a local famous store women we knew very nice ect.. She had a small like cabinet for special hiding places so my dad gave it to her which she accidenly threw it away. Now the only evidence is her fake check, enrique (witness) . We dont know she is trust me will find out.just tell me is that enough proof to win a case or at least hire a lawyer. REPEATING THE EVIDENCE: Enrique (witness), & false check

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: >and a honor roll student

If that's true your school must be really sad because I've seen third graders with a better command of the English language.

> i should hire a lawyer and go To court.?

Your a minor you can't hire a lawyer because you can't sign contracts nor could you pony up the $1500 - $2000 retainer. Mind your own business the contract is null and void since there was no payment and Enrique got what he deserved.
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: You don't have any facts. Your dad tells you, you tell me. I gather that English isn't your first language. I interpret what you've said. I give you an answer. Then you tell your dad. And that answer is going to be completely wrong.

Also, trust me on this, your dad doesn't want you telling him how to handle his business.

I will say that there's nothing to sue for. The check was fake and the business wasn't transferred, so the contract is incomplete.
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