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: To Whom,
I live in Florida and my Mother lives or lived in Ohio.
My mother has passed from terminal cancer while in hospice in Sept,2012
Before her passing she appointed my aunt her sister as Durable power of attorney/Executor of her will. My mother has always told me her son for many years that all of her monetary assets will go to myself her son after her passing. The first time I contacted my aunt she informed me that my mother did not have a will which is untrue and that my mother only has a small amount of money in the bank which is also untrue. My aunt in our first conversation told me that she did not want anything from my mothers estate because it is rightfully mine and that she would make sure that I would receive everything that my mother said that I would and she told me that she would keep me informed about the whole process but she kept everything on the secretive after that. She my Aunt in our second conversation informed me that no papers had been signed as of yet.Directly after the second conversation I called my mothers Partner/Boyfriend of 30 years and he told me that they already drew up and signed the will but any questions I have would have to be directed to my aunt who is the executor of her will. Mind you that the executor my aunt said she will always keep me informed as things developed with my mothers health and with the will which she has not. Every time I would call my aunt she would become short in conversation and tell me that she would call me back which she never did. I called her today and asked about the will and she informed me that there was nothing in the will that has my name on it. She also got angry at me for asking why that is and what was going on . Then she informed me that my mother left everything to her two sisters I was floored by this and told her that this was not my mothers wishes and I informed her about our first conversation which she stated that I would be the sole beneficiary of my mothers monetary estate she told me that she would make sure that I would get the remainder after all expenses and debts were finalized I do not believe her. She also said that the estate would have to pay for her other sister and husbands round trip air fare from Idaho to Ohio and hotel to the tune of $3.000 . These people have money already my mother said to me that they are comfortable financially and will not receive any monetary compensation from her estate. My question is why does my mother have to pay for them to come to see her on her death bed ?
I do not believe that my Mother was of sound mind or body when this Will was drawn up and signed I as well question as to whom actually signed the will.
I spoke to my mother over the phone on the day the will was drawn up and signed and she was not herself and did not speak clearly nor could she have a direct intelligent conversation with anyone for that matter.
I can produce testimonials from people who know my mothers final wishes concerning her estates monetary assets and who my Mother wanted to receive them after her passing.
Could this be a case of fraud ?
Do I have any rights as her only son ? Closest next of kin ? Is this grounds for a contest or dispute of the will ?
My mother has passed and now it is all up to my Aunt the "Executor" to full fill my Mothers wishes to me her only son and only offspring. I need a lawyer who is willing to work on contingency basis.

Please help.
Sorry Pat, maybe you should have read to the bottom where it clearly states I need a lawyer who will work on contingency basis, which in this kind of law is hard to find .

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: If you need a lawyer.
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: Talk to a lawyer and find out how much it will cost you.

Your not going to get a lawyer to take this on contingency, because the lawyer has no way of knowing what's going on until he's done the work.

My feeling is that your jumping the gun a bit. These things take many months to settle. You don't know what the will says, and you don't know how much your going to get.

You should ask for a copy of the will and an accounting of how everything is being divided up. But don't expect to get this tomorrow or next week. It'll be more like 3 to 6 months.

Normally traveling expenses are NOT paid by the estate, but sometimes they are. It depends on how the will is written and what kind of lee way the executor of the will has.
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