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: Do I still have to pay child support? (disabled in Tx.) If child support had me arrested on a warrant for not paying support, then in court the Judge released me in court because my support was paid and even over paid by a whole year, is that warrant invalid and how can I get help? Child support want help nor will Legal Aid. I lost my job because of this mistake. I was arrested at work.

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: Hi, If you were charged and arrested you should qualify for a court appointed attorney. Call the clerk of courts and check to see if you qualify. Did you put your name on the Volunteer Lawyer's list at Legal Aide. You may qualify for a pro bono attorney that way. If none of these work, you need to start keeping a journal and write down all your payments, dates, amounts, etc. Write down any information that they can check out that is pertinent to your case. You cannot go into court with no documentation or proof because, they will have theirs and sometimes theirs is not up to date when it comes to the child support unit. JOSA
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