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: Long story short, I, a 17 year old girl, let a guy who was friends with my friend drive my dads car (19 year old). Anyways he put 4 bottles of vodka in my trunk, and had 3 minors in the car including me! We got pulled over for having the bright lights on due to a light burning out! When they inspected him, we all found out that he had a suspended license, and he was also on probation! He got 3 tickets, and they impounded my das car! Anyways in order to get the car back I needed my dad! When we got to the impoundment station, thy brought up the fact that I was not driving, the guy was! I then told my dad everything and he told me he wanted his 200 dollars back from the guy who was driving because he was the reason for the impoundment! The guy agreed to do it, but a month later he still didnt pay up! Now his court date is tomorrow and he's asking me for proof of insurance! My dad wont give him the proof of insurance until he gives my dad the money, but when I told the guy that he started threatening me! He said he will get paid next week and will pay my dad back, but hes been saying that to me for the last month! So he said if my dad doesnt give him the proof of insurance, he will press legal charges, and get his lawyers involved! He says he can charge im for legal abstraction, whatever the hell that is, and all this other bullshit! Can he actually have chance at this? like I dont know what he's trying to press charges against, but he sounds pretty dumb to me! Basically what i'm asking is, does this guy have anything on me or my dad that could get me or my dad into trouble?
sorry I meant abstraction of justice!!!

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: If the guy can't afford to pay the $200, I'm sure he can't afford a lawyer.
You have nothing to worry about. Don't give him the insurance, he screwed up, not you. You could always claim that you didn't know about the liquor.

And I believe you are referring to "obstruction of justice", which means you are holding evidence. You are not. There would be an obstruction of justice, if for example he hid or lied about the vodka being his.
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: ("This guy wants to press charges on legal abstraction?")

I'm no expert in law, but I think he's bluffing.

Plug <abstraction of Justice> into your Internet search engine and see what the Internet has to say about it.

Best regards
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: sorry I meant abstraction of justice!!!

Actually, you mean OBSTRUCTION of justice. He has no case. Because his license was suspended, it was illegal for him the drive. As such, he was specifically EXCLUDED from your father's insurance. He IS guilty of driving without insurance, and having a copy of your father's insurance policy won't change that.

INSTRUCT the fool to get lawyers involved. They will charge him more than $200 to tell him to pay your dad and get his own act together.
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