LawyersKey - Lawyers Key » LawyersKey » Get a Lawyer » I asked a Jewish lawyer to help me with a lawsuit against a jewish doctor and he declined. Why?

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: Is this based on their faith?

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: Maybe you had no case?
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: No, he probably didn't think you didn't have a case. Or maybe the doctor was a personal friend.
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: Who cares why? It won't make any difference whether or not you know. You still need another lawyer.

Personally, I doubt it has anything to do with their faith. My bet is he doesn't think you have a case.
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: So... do you want a hitler answer or a realistic one?
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: maybe they got each others back. they are like kin
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: Lawyers don't turn down business too often, your intuition is probably correct, he didn't want to go up against a fellow jew.

There is a code among many jews, they hire each other over more qualified applicants based on race, they openly discriminate against non-jews and are the first to scream about antisemitism if they are the victim.

Generalizing is not a good thing, many jews are good people but the stereotype of the culture is selfishness, greediness and materialism which fits for over 50% of jews, probably higher, its true.

I recall when Madoff was arrested, the jewish community was far more angry that Madoff also swindled jews, they could live with him stealing from gentiles. Again, there are a lot of wonderful jewish people but the stereotype does fit the majority, not all.
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: Its based on your not having a case. It wouldn't matter if both the lawyer and the doctor were atheists.

Note: The above assumes you are NOT a troll.
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