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: what is a misdemeanor battery citation?& will the other defendant be in court as well? because the situation happened 3 weeks ago and i have to appear in court in august and this lady spit on me and i spat back i knew it was wrong but its more to it and long story but she was charged for spitting on me first but i wasnt and at the end the cop who was about to transport her to jail said she wanted to file charges against me as well. the last minute but the first cop on the scene told me he wasnt going to arrest me, just going to give me a citation. but i'm asking my question because one im not from the san diego area nor from the state of california and two i have NEVER been in trouble with the law. so will i have to go to jail or pay a fine? & do I need to get a lawyer? or what im kind of nervous and scared. this IS my first offense EVER !!! SERIOUS QUESTION NEED SERIOUS ANSWER PLEASE!!

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