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: I am a very stressed out 23 year old man with a cheating ex-girlfriend. I put it it all over facebook that she's a cheating wh0re and that I found her with another guy in my bed (which I did). I was letting her stay with me, completely rent-free. After I threw her out, I threw all of her crap outside with the garbage and the garbage truck took her stuff. I've never had a lawyer and never been to court. She says that she is suing me for her personal belongings, and for the facebook stuff if i don't take it down.

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: Yeah.... lesson learned. Don't air your dirty laundry on social media.

If you threw her things out then yes, she has legal recourse against you. As far as what you put on Facebook, based on your description she may have a case. Here is the legal dictionary citation for defamation, libel and slander:
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: Yes, of course.
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: Depending upon state laws where you live, you can be sued for not only the value of the things you took from her, but also her attorneys' fees for 'wrongful eviction'. You cannot generally just "throw someone out" because you got tired of having them live there, once they have become a "resident", whether or not there is any "rent" involved. As I mentioned, state laws vary.
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: She can definitely sue you for her stuff. You don't get to do that.

She may or may not find it worthwhile to pursue you for the Facebook posts, and they wouldn't be so easy to handle (though she can just do her stuff in small claims court). More than anything she should report you to Facebook, and they'll probably remove the posts and/or simply ban you.

Be careful having the dramatic reaction to her. If the relationship is over, you need to turn off having emotions for her, good or bad. Doing the dramatic stuff might feel good and a way to get your ego back, but it's going to get you in trouble.

If she does sue you, I'd counterclaim for a bed replacement. I wouldn't want to sleep in it again.
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: You're on the hook for her stuff if she chooses to sue you. As for the Facebook stuff, if she can prove your comments harmed her in some way (e.g. she lost her job) then you could face a judgement there too, but that's less likely; especially if you accept her ultimatum and just take the nonsense down.
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: she can sue for her personal belongings,and win
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: If you told the truth on Facebook, then she cannot sue you for it and win. You have a right to speak the truth. It is not libel unless you lie. Catching her red handed - she deserved to be called what you called her. You have every right to be angry and she is exactly what you called her.

About her personal belongings. You aren't really allowed to throw them out. She can sue you for that and she would win. So, you need to be very clear about how that happened. When you threw her out, you threw out her stuff with her and told her you were gathering it all and she needs to take it all now and don't come back. She was there, outside the door when you threw her stuff out, including the last lot. She never asked you to keep it until she could get boxes. She could have put it all in her car and taken it with her, as you expected she would. If she did not do that, it was her own fault, her own stupidity. When you closed the door for the last time, she was there and so was all of her stuff. Leaving it behind was her negligence and her responsibility.

Be sure to explain properly (in your Answer to the lawsuit, if she sues) (above) how this happened. Otherwise, she will win and you will be screwed again, victimized twice. Explain how she could have taken it with her and she chose to leave it behind, after you had told her good riddance to you and your stuff and don't come back. Relax and don't get bent out of shape. Take your time writing the Answer so that you get it right. Of course she will deny it but, she cannot prove it and she has to prove her case. She will get what she deserves - nothing.
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: Well, this is iffy. Technically, it's not lying so you didn't commit anything there with the postings on facebook. You'll get away with that. As for the personal belongings, you will lose if you cannot prove you gave her any warning that you were going to get rid of the items.
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: Wrong wrong wrong this is exactly how she wants you to react just be consentingly polite and indifferent and just say to yourself NEXT
Just later post on face book ''I was sure worried after I found about her and had myself check no STD's I wish her well''
The first time I met my ex new husband I whispered ''is she still a moaner?''
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