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: I have been charged with violent disorder act and pleaded guilty on the police interview. I missed the date on magistrate court so my lawyer put my status as n/a because I was out of country. Now I have next hearing on the crown court and if I was to leave the country before the crown court hearing will I be stopped at the airports and ports. And will my parents or family members be harassed by police if I succeed in the runaway because they can't find.. can anyone help me please with the same situation before or heard from any of your mates that would be greatful man. Thank you

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: Frankly you bring all this on yourself by "missing the hearing in the Magistrates Court". You really have got to take this seriously. The more you avoid the situation the worse it is going to get.

If you had gone to the magistrates court you would have got some idea of how CPS was going to proceed; it may ahve been they would have reduced the charge. That is now unlikely
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: You will. It will flag up on your passport and you will be taken to a room. The Police will then come and arrest you and you will spend your time in the cells before your hearing.
Yes of course your parents and friends will be interviewed. Do you want to put your parents through that?
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