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: I heard that you just put something in the want ads and if the other person doesn't respond after a while, she/he has abandoned the person they married and that can be divorce grounds.

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: I do not know what the phrase "file for abandonement" means. If you want to know how to get a divorce in some specific state, and you have some specific question about serving the divorce complaint, then ask that.
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: I wish I knew what country you were in!
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: You hire a lawyer familiar with the laws in the jurisdiction you didn't tell us you live in.

"Abandonment or desertion: When one spouse leaves the marital home without intent of returning, it may be considered abandonment or desertion. To be considered desertion, there must be an intent to end the marriage; abandonment only requires a spouse to have left for a certain amount of time (which varies by state). To prove abandonment, there must be circumstances that show the spouse had no reason to leave."
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