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: Hi I'm an 18 year old guy with autism. (Autism is a learning disability just incase if your wondering.) I want to sue my ex-girlfriend because she punched me in the face.
Here's the story:
My ex-girlfriend wanted to get back with me last month, but she was too late because I asked a girl to the prom, the prom was last weekend. The girl that I went to prom with is now my new girlfriend, when my ex-girlfriend found out she was very upset. Now anyway: My new girlfriend and I where just walking, holding hands and talking about what life would be after high school. So we were at the park introducing my mom to her because my mom was at the park with my younger sister and some of her friends. My ex-girlfriend happened to be in the neighborhood, she came up to me and I told her straight up that I was done with her, it's all over, and told her that she had her chance and she blew it. So she got so angry that she just punched me in the face and a friend of my mom's caught it on camera. Plus my uncle is a lawyer.

Would I win the lawsuit if I sued my ex-girlfriend? But what should I file the lawsuit for?

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: You can sue for any just may not win. Given that you have it on video, you're likely to win if you sue her for assault, but keep in mind that you are high school kids angry at each other. You don't want to waste thousands of your parents dollars or ruin her life just because of this one incident. I would have your mom talk to her parents and see if they will punish her with an apology and restriction, instead.
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: 1. Legal fees are not cheap. Even if your uncle is a lawyer, you'd also be putting your family and hers through the long lasting court system.

2. You're teenagers. Most judges would just consider it a minor dispute and at most give her a minor assault charge.

3. Just go about it the easy way and get a restraining order. She won't be able to go near you, and you won't have to drag yourself through the court system.
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: Although you technically have the right to sue, it's not always the right thing to do. Just because toy have a legal right to sue someone for money doesnt mean you can walk away a good person. Unless her punch did physical damage that resulted in hospital bills, then is it really worth it to drag her and her family, and your family into court and let the legal fees pile up? Or would it truely not be the end of the world to man up, take the high road and move on with your life.
just because she was petty, doesn't mean you should be petty back.
And having a mental illness has nothing to do with anything especially since you seem perfectly capable at living life.
just because you have a disability, that does not mean others have to treat you special and walk on egg shells around you. Just let the both of you move on WITH OUT lawyers. You'll be a better man for it.
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: Let me tell you don't let her back in your life.
Because you should remember the reason why you broke up the last time it's never going to change.
You're going to have to suck it up and realize that's not the girl for you. If you have bruises and marks from being punched you might be able to press charges or file a restraining order ,but I can guarantee trying to legally go after an ex is a lot more painful then being punched because the court isn't always in our favor. You can get a restraining order on her , but the papers means nothing and still you would suffer heartbreak financially.
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: I don't think you can sue her for any money or anything. But she can get in trouble with the law (misdemeanor). You can make a police report. More than likely she'll get fined and have to do anger management classes.
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: You should be discussing this with your uncle.
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: You can file a lawsuit and I bet you would win. Talk to your uncle. You should also file criminal assault charges against her at the police station.
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: If you loved her then you would not put her through that and not having you anymore is punishment enough.
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