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: This girl and her mother has been makin my life a living hell. Im humble and friendly I didnt know the guy had a gf I didnt...he lied and said he wasnt with her anymore and I believed him because they had court order nit to be around one another...anyway she got mad and tried to jump me , long story short she came at me with a knife cut the backs of my hands we fell she dropped it n I swung it n it cut her face..I didnt try to..I left the scene becuz I was scared..I regret that because it made me look like I was the bad I have been goin to court for 1st degree battery for a year and month now..her mother is making the prosector offer me 9yrs in lawyer didnt accept it because they have no weapons or nothing plus on the gurl statement she said herself she was on me.... I have screenshots frum the girl inboxin on fbook about the guy and sayin she going to catch me...why would they try to get me sent to prison for nine years when they knw they attacked me firsr and I have a 1mnth year old. I rejected the nine years so we have trial July 1st ...what do you all think will happen to me...I have no record plus I dont get in any trouble nor have I been in trouble since then

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: I saw an article the other day about this, let me check my history real fast and I will get back with the link
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: Sounds like self defense. But you should be discussing it with your lawyer, they will know all the details and give you a better answer.
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: I think lawyer has a good case of self defense. You might have good chance of beating the cases against you.
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: Maybe you will learn to spell and put together coherent sentences while in prison.
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: This is something you should ask your lawyer. That's what you hired him for.
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: I'm trying to find the question here but I'm not having any luck.
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