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: Say if I'm convicted of defrauding someone of 12thousand dollars but I have no criminal records , the fraud is in state and I tried tonclect money over 30 times could I get probation

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: I bet there are judges and lawyers on here just lining up to answer your question.

How would we know?

Impossible to answer without having a degree in law, knowing where you are, and believing your story, which I don't.
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: Can you? Yes

Will You? Depends on the outcome of the case, but probably not. Especially if it goes to trial.... so if you are hoping for probation, it may behoove you to forgo the Public Defender and hire a Lawyer.

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: Yeah i know a few people that have got probation for their first offence. Usualy thats an option if you live in a place where the jails are over-packed with non-violent offenders. Go talk to some good lawyers.
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