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: I had an accident at my ccollegelast November 2013. I tripped down the stairs and got a really bad laceration on my head.

I called the insurance company to update my clearance of benefits and they asked me
If I was going to 'take action' against my school or not.
Does that mean sueing them?

And how do I go about taking action?
Do I need a lawyer?
I have a couple questions and would really appreciate having someone I could personally message to get this sorted out.

Thank you.
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: Luckily your head absorbed the impact, so there was very little damage.
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: It depends where you live as here in florida if you have someone break a window to break in you home for what ever reason and they cut themselves. They can sue homeowner for the self inflicted injury. Or if you own a pool and someone uses the pool with or with out permission and doesnt know how to swim and are injured they can sue owner for negligence.

Article backs up story
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: Your insurance company is simply hoping someone else will pay so they don't have to. The less they pay, the more they make.

There are two ways to "take action". You can simply submit your bills to the school office and request they pay your expenses, or you can sue them in court.

Chances are high they will deny your request unless there is evidence the school was negligent, such as having damage to the stairs or a missing stair rail.

Same with the lawsuit. Unless you can establish they were negligent, a lawsuit will go nowhere.
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: You need to contact an attorney, but you can't successfully sue the school simply because your injury occurred on their property. You would have to prove that they were negligent in some way, and your injury occurred because of their negligence.

They are not responsible for every person who trips. You would need to prove that they somehow caused you to trip, for example, that you slipped on a liquid that was on the stairs that they knew or should have known was there.

Slip and fall cases are very difficult to win, and you didn't mention any facts that would support a successful case.
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: Unless you can prove the college was somehow negligent and caused you to "trip" down the stairs , you`re wasting your time and money ..........

Do you need a lawyer ???

YES ........
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: The school is not responsible for you being clumsy
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: instead of taking action most people should be taking responsibility

but of course in modern society passing responsibility to somebody else is the way to proceed
that way we do not have to accept responsibility for our bad decisions and stupid mistakes

the courts will allow you and your legal team to look for negligence on the part of the college and see if that contributed in any way

it will also allow the college and their legal team to research your history behaviour habits to determine if you were negligent

then the courts will make a decision

bottom line did you trip on poorly maintained stairs?

or did you trip through carelessness or hurrying ?
because you were overtired from partying the night before?
as a result of recreational drugs you habitually use?
prescription drugs you were under but did not take cautions to allow for reduced coordination?

i'd say just forget about it

what you decide is up to you and the consequences are your responsibility
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: Yes, "take action" means sue them.

Don't punish the school because you're clumsy.
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: if it is there mistake u should take action against them i m in complete favour of u and firstly u should talk to the skool authorities nd yes consult attorney nd u should know that it was there mistake nd u should hav a proof also
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