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: I know some people whose business partner recently fired them. Telling them he filed as owner with a different LLC and the LLC they have been pumping money into and working for was absolutely useless. That they owned 66 percent of NOTHING and legally he no longer had to pretend they did or pay them any severance package or buy them out. Because he was only pretending they were owners of a successful chicago company.
He has been laughing and slandering them all over the business world since. Can criminal charges be filed or not?

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: Yes. It would be theft and fraud. The crook will probably do jail time. The good guys can ask for restitution or a law suit.

I would think that the good guys would hire a lawyer. But it depends on what the evidence is and how much money was taken. But just on what you have It sounds like the good guys would win. But then it goes for collection. Typically these type of bad guys know how to get around paying, and often the good guy ends up with nothing but a lawyer bill.
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